Faye Kotsis Gives Advice on Unruly Neighbors.


Bad Neighbours

Our neighbors moved out about six months ago, and we were pretty sad to see them go. Don’t get me wrong, we never spoke to them or anything (LOL!) but they were super quiet and we honestly never heard them unless they were outside getting in their car. We live in a gated community and the houses are very close together, so we were a bit worried about neighbor-noise when we first moved in. The house on the other side is completely silent, and the windows are doors are taped over on the inside with black plastic. I know, weird right? We’re pretty sure they’ve got a meth-lab going on in there, but as long as it doesn’t blow up, at least it’s quiet!

Anyway, when the quiet neighbors moved out, the first thing we thought was: What will the new neighbors be like? Well, turns out they have not one, but two, screeching toddlers and a teenage daughter who they’re always fighting with! We haven’t slept in since they moved in. I’ve been freaking out until I read an article by Faye Kotsis about dealing with unruly neighbors.


Talking to the neighbours

Faye says that talking to them should be your first move. Don’t yell at them over the dividing wall or anything! But knock on their front door and introduce yourself, and politely ask them if they notice how easily noise travels. Faye suggests: maybe apologize for any dinner parties you’ve had recently, or if you have kids of your own, ask if they’ve been driving the neighbors crazy. Then work the conversation around to them, and let them know that you can hear a lot of what they’re doing. Do it politely! If you’re like me, and the idea of that freaks you out, Faye suggests writing a letter, basically saying exactly what you’d say in person, and make it really clear what you’re saying to them. Hopefully that works, and if not, you can look at other options. I’m going to try the letter thing this weekend, so wish me luck!!





Okay, so like I said in the last blog post, our neighbors moved out about six months ago, and this really noisy family moved in. These people are nuts, and their kids shriek pretty much from 6 am till it’s time for the fight to get them into bed. As you know, my partner and I write from home, so we need it to be pretty quiet! Anyway, I read an article by Faye Kotsis about dealing with unruly neighbors, where she suggested knocking on the front door and politely telling them what’s up, or writing a letter and putting it in their mailbox if you don’t want to confront anyone face to face.


I’m a chicken, so I took option #2!

In the article, Faye warns not to be passive-aggressive or tell them what they’re doing wrong, but explain what you need from them, and make it about you, not them. Sound familiar? “It’s not you, it’s me.” (LOL!)


Anyway, they were totally nice about it! I wrote the letter and put it in their mailbox, and the next day, the dad stopped me as I was getting in my car. I was like, Oh no, he’s going to yell at me, but he was totally apologetic! He said they had no idea they were so loud, and promised to keep us in mind and keep their windows closed more often. So thanks to Faye Kotsis for writing that advice, because she helped us out so much!


Now, we’ll see if I can actually sleep in on Saturday… Stay tuned!

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