Selling Your Property: Tips for a Great Open House by Faye Kotsis.

I recently talked to Faye Kotsis about open house events. Faye has experience selling homes and properties, and she knows the difference between an unsuccessful open house event and a great open house event. Faye has seen, too often, sellers being disappointed with the interest shown by prospective buyers. She has also been to many auctions that went very poorly, and watched the homeowners as their dreams of a quick successful sale walk out the door. However, she’s also seen many sellers offered their asking price, and she’s been to many auctions where the sellers have been blown away by the bidding price as it shoots past their reserve, and just keeps climbing!

I asked Faye Kotsis to give me some tips on what makes for a great open house, and here’s what she came up with:


  • FRESH FLOWERS. Having fresh flowers on the kitchen bench, the living room table, or a table near the entrance can really breathe life into the house. Depending on the flowers you choose, you can create a lovely scent or bold striking colours that will make your house seem more dynamic and alive.
  • DO I SMELL BREAD? You know those bake-at-home rolls from Woolies? Buy a couple packs of them and put them in the oven on a very low heat, about ten minutes before the open house is expected to start. You’d be amazed at how this homey comforting smell can make people envision a home, and not just a house, when they’re walking around sniffing the air!
  • COFFEE’S BREWING. If you have a stovetop espresso maker (you know the one – your brother-in-law got it for you and you shoved it way in the back of the pantry because you’re afraid to use it) then it’s time to dust it off, buy some good fresh ground beans from the local coffee shop, and brew some java just before people are expected to show up. It works like the bread to create a very comforting and warm experience for potential buyers.
  • CHECK YOUR ONLINE MARKETING. Most people start their house hunting online. They will not even notice your property if your listing isn’t compelling. Check what your agent has done.
  • POST A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE.  Walk through your home, video the best parts, the interesting parts, what you loved about the house, about the area etc. Its worth gold!
  • PUT YOUR LISTING ON FACEBOOK. Facebook has an amazing reach, If you have 500 friends and they each have 500 friends the reach is amazing!

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