Usually the first offer is the best offer!

With her experience in property and real estate investment, Faye Kotsis knows homebuyers and home-sellers aren’t always on the same page. Sellers usually have an attachment to their property, either because it’s a large financial investment or emotional reasons (empty-nesters selling the family home), and want to get as much money from buyers as possible. And of course buyers want to get their money’s worth, and feel like they’re making a great decision and investment of their own.


In Faye’s experience, a good real estate agent will work out the best asking price to meet market standards and to help the seller meet their goals. This means the initial asking price is usually very fair and considered, with room for lower offers from buyers, and counter-offers from the seller. Agents work hard to find the right price for their clients (both seller and buyer) and usually the first one or two offers will reflect what the market will pay.


If a seller won’t accept the offer, and ‘sits’ on the asking price for too long without budging, people in the market will notice that the house hasn’t sold, which can raise some questions. Faye Kotsis has seen this happen many times in her experience as a successful property investor, and she has found that in most cases, the happy home-seller is the one who accepts the first or second offer from homebuyers. Don’t forget that you’re the one who wants to sell, and while you want your investment to work for you, you also want to move on to the next project!

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